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Study Scholarships in Belize

Belize is one of the smaller and less populous countries in Central America and the Caribbean. Most of us do not know much about the country aside from through what might be the infamy that it obtained when the inventor of McAfee antivirus John McAfee went there and subsequently returned to the United States of America following thoughts that he was being pursued by the local government. Aside from this, is is also home to beaches, Mayan ruins, and offers easy access to Mexico, Guatemala, as well as the many Caribbean islands. In spite of its small population and geographical size, it has great diversity in terms of culture, history, people, and natural beauty. Luckily, then, that it offers a some study opportunities. Due to its situation, certain courses are best to be studied there. These include sustainable development, general…
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Scholarships and Grants in Brazil

Brazil… when we were entertaining blue… Those are the opening lyrics of what might be the most well known song about Brazil. The song is also called Brazil. The song, like the film of the same name is very much about escape. You might seek to study in Brazil for that very same reason. Fortunately, there are many opportunities for grant and scholarship funding from various organisations. One of the main ones is known as the IBRASIL Project, which has the tag line

Scholarships from the British Council for Study in Mexico

Mexico is a very popular tourist destination. One does not really consider it for study abroad. That said, it does have some very good universities, as is the perfect place to study such subjects as Central American history, or colonial history. As a result, the British Council has created several scholarship programmes for those either seeking to, or are studying in Mexico. Not only this, but seeing as many people who study abroad often end up staying in their host country, those looking to leave the UK in light of the Brexit might be interested in going to Mexico. The scholarships are normally open only to postgraduate students. This means thatthey are aimed at those who are pursuing either a masters of doctorate degree, or those conducting research at either the graduate or post-doctoral level. This can be either for…
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Scholarships and Grants at the University of Haifa

When people think of going to Israel, only two destinations are on the map of most visitors. These are Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. People usually visit the two for completely different reasons. Jerusalem is a place of religious pilgrimage for most, and Tel Aviv is a place to party for most. The same applies for studying. Either one considers going to Tel Aviv University or the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In terms of visit, on emight go to the Dead Sea, the Negev, or Massada. Haifa is not usually on the map, in spite of being the country’s third city. One might think of visiting the Bahai Gardens gardens is they consider visiting the city at all. Haifa is also home to the University of Haifa which is a world-leading higher education institution. As a result, and in order to…
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Scholarship Opportunities at Tel Aviv University

Tel Aviv is a very well known institution. In spite of not being nearly as old as those others which are found very high up in the international rankings, it has developed an incredible international reputation and attracts students from all over the world. Not only this, but Tel Aviv is also one of the most liveable cities in the world with a very high standard of living, Mediterranean climate, and proximity to major world centers, being a maximum of only a three-hour flight from anywhere in Europe. As a result, Tel Aviv University has developed some internal and external scholarship opportunities for students from certain regions of the world. These regions, for the internal scholarships are Australia, Brazil, Central and South America, India, and Canada. External scholarships are available to students from a wider range of countries. Students from…
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