Monthly Archive: July 2016

Is there Really a Scholarship for Everything?

If you go through the websites of various educational institutions, you might be led to think tat there truly is a scholarship for everything, and that they are therefore easy money. This is only half true. There are indeed scholarships for virtually anything that you can think of. They are not, however, easy money. This is because a lot of the ones that involve factors out of our control such as being an orphan, widow, or coming from a poor country or background are not usually situations in which we would want to find ourselves. The extra cash is therefore little more than some sort of minor compensation. The rest involve a lot of hard work. These include entering competitions and all sorts of other screening processes. That said, some of the scholarships listed are, quite frankly, easy to obtain…
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Should the Wealthy even Bother to Apply for Scholarships?

I could answer this question every easily. Of course they should. Although they may be able to afford to pay for their own studies, if they deserve a scholarship, why should anybody stop them? Why would we want to set a limit on the amount of money a student gets? If they get more, they will probably be able to put it to better use, seeing as they merited it. In many countries, normal government aid is out of the reach of the wealthy, given that they are means tested. This means that one must prove that they cannot afford to pay for everything themselves. As a result, they are discouraged from trying any other sources. This might seem fair on the surface. Most scholarships are means tested, but others are based purely on talent. These are merit-based scholarships. Earning…
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Obtaining Scholarships as an Orphan

Being an orphan is not something that is desirable. No matter how many times we might choose to watch Batman or Superman films, two of the most popular super heroes in the world, we know that these are not real people. As an orphan, you are very unlikely to discover that your parents were billionaires who can pay for everything, nor are you to discover that are from an extinct alien race from another planet. While fun to entertain, these ideas are no more than entertaining ideas. Orphans are among those most in need of financial support. They have no family to help them. They also faced very limited opportunities, and were more likely to have less developed social skills due to their position. As a result, obtaining these scholarships will be hard in the first place. Fortunately, there are…
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Scholarships for Women over 50

You might read the title and think that the scholarships that we will look at are for an extremely specific demographic. This is true. The number of women going to university over the age of 50 is relatively low. There are several reasons for this. One reason is due to biology and society. A large proportion of middle-aged women who now want to study and earn a university degree are doing so because they never had the opportunity to do so, quite simply , they had children. As a result, they had to raise them. In a lot of situations, this leaves them unable to pursue their own ambitions until the children grow up to be independent adults. There are other reasons of course, which could have prevented a woman from studying in her younger years, but this is the…
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Obtaining Scholarships in Thailand

Thailand is a very popular tourist destination. It seems as though everyone and their cousin has been there. We rarely hear anything negative coming from their experiences as well. People talk about the history, hospitality, food, landscapes, culture. There I so much going for the country in terms of all of these things that we overlook study opportunities there. Why should they be overlooked is a mystery. Many of us was to live in these destinations which leave such an impact. Why does nobody speak of living in Thailand. This is rather odd. They speak even less of studying there. This is even stranger and study allows one to live somewhere, and know that there is a time limit, reducing any sort of negative risk. I therefore hope to open your eyes to the grant and scholarship opportunities in Thailand,…
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