Scholarships in Germany

Germany is one of the world’s largest economies. It is also Europe’s greatest exporter and certainly its most significant country. As well as offering a high standard of living, safety, and easy access to the rest of Europe for those all-important vacations, Germany recently reduced its university fees. In the last couple of years, the nation’s government lowered the cost to study there to zero. This is a remarkable feat, especially given that it offers some of the world’s highest quality education. Exactly which university you choose to study at is not of the greatest important, either. This is because, looking purely at the country’s wealthiest citizens, they, unlike those from other countries such as the United States France or the United Kingdom, come from a great diversity of them. This also means that should you choose to remain there, as many other students do, which is to remain in their country of study, you can expect more or less level competition. Free studies does not necessarily mean free living. This is why you should take a look as te various scholarship options available to you in Germany.

The first to consider is the Heinrich Boll Scholarship in Germany for International Students. It is offered by the Heinrich Boll Foundation, which is names after one of Germany’s greatest writers following the Second World War, putting him on a level comparable to perhaps Goethe or Bertolt Brecht. It is awarded to all subjects which an unspecified number of scholarships available. Masters students and PHD students are both entitles to it. The former can expect EUR 750 amonth, and the latter EUR 1000 a month, both including several allowances. All that is needed is to be on a Masters course outside of Germany

The next one to consider is the GeTMA Scholarship for Internation Students in Turkey or Germany. This is particularly good for those who might wish to be in a warmer climate for their studies. It is for the German Turkish masters Program in Social Sciences, which is open to non-German students. It is hosted by the Humboldt University in Berlin, and the Middle East Technical University in Ankara. It is a two-year program for teaching in the domain of social sciences. It included tuition fee reductions. All that is needed is to have a BA degree in a related area of study.

These are only two, but so many are on offer. They include those aimed at certain demographics such as women, certain geographical areas such as those from developing countries, and specific subjects including sustainable forest and nature management.

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