International Student Scholarships with ASSE

International study is something that many aspire to. There is prestige attached to it after all. It does also allow one to develop as a person in ways. We do notice that people who have spent extensive amounts of time outside of their home country do develop in a unique way. Their horizons are expended and have a better understanding of different cultures. This is why the American Scandinavian Student Exchange (ASSE). It initially started in 1976 as an orgnisation for student exchange programmes between Sweden and the United States. Norway, Denmark, and Finland quickly followed suit. It has since grown to include over 34 countries in North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australasia. It specialised mainly in hlping high school students.

As part of their full package, the ASSE grants the possibility to apply for some of their scholarships. Three are on offer for students from North America, that is, Canada, The United States, and Mexico.

The first is the Walter Danielson scholarship. This honours Walter Danielson, who helped establish ASSE International in the first place. His aim was to further international and cultural understanding. As a result, the scholarship covers the full programme fee, return air flights, a field trip, full insurance, as well as pocket money.

The next is the Jodi Kiefer Memorial Scholarship. It is in the memory of an advocate of not only the World Heritage International Student Programmes but also the ASSE for over 25 years. Its benefits are the same as the Walter Danielson scholarship. She participated in the scheme as a student, and continued to campaign for it. This is because she believed that it only takes a single student to make a huge impact on thousands of American families, as well as teenagers from around the globe, and make the world realise the value of cultural exchange.

Finally, there is the straightforward 90% scholarship. This is offered every year in individual areas. This means only the deposit, domestic travel, and pocket money must be paid for.


  1. I will make sure I prove my hardwork and integrity as you offer me the scholarship… Thank u.

    1. My contacts is+254726657345 and iam a student of thika technical training institute year 2 taking a diploma in applied biology

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