Scholarships in Finland

Finland is not a country on many people’s map. It is clear why this is the case. As a country, it is relatively isolated, being located deep at the far end of the Baltic Sea, in isolation, even farther north of St. Petersburg in Russia. Not only this, but it is cold, and expensive. On the other hand its incredible nature, through its lakes, forests, and fishing. Not only this, but Finland charges no tuition fees, although living costs must be covered independently. Thankfully, there are plenty of scholarships and grants available.

Before anything else, you need to be aware of the costs that you will bear. The government requires that the minimum at your disposal be EUR 560 a month, or EUR 6,720 a year, excluding travel costs and insurance. This means reserving around EUR 700 to 900 every month to cover living costs. Do bear in mind that most scholarships are only available to Masters and Doctoral students. Each university has its own scholarships and individual policies.

A general scheme is the Centre for International MObility (CIMO) Scholarship. This is aimed at the doctoral level at Finnish universities for all domains or research and study exclusively. This means that it does not provide for Bachelor’s or Masters students, nor does it do so for post-Doctoral study. CIMO manages a total of five scholarship programmes. They at the CIMO scholarships, Finnish Government Scholarship Pool, Scholarships for Kindred Peoples (Finno-Ugrian minorities in Russia), Scholarships for Masters level degree students of the Finnish Language, and Scholarships for post-Masters level degree students and researchers of the Finnish language.

Regarding individual universities, there is the University of Helsinki, in the capital. Firstly, there is the Agriculture and Forestry Fund. This grants a EUR 1,000 scholarship to both undergraduate and graduate students of agriculture and food sciences. This makes sense, given the amount of forestry in the country. Some of the scholarships are rather specific. For instance, one involves one writing their masters thesis at the Hyytiala forest station in central Finland. A more generous scholarship, with a value of EUR 25,000 plus extra for working conditions is the Aili and Brynolf Honkasalo Fund. This is aimed at post-graduate law sstudents who display serious promise. Finally, more generous in number is the Arts and Social Sciences Fund which offers 36 EUR 1,000 scholarships to graduate students in the faculty of Arts, Social Sciences, and Beharioural Sciences, as well as additional travel grants.


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