Obtaining Scholarships as an Orphan

Being an orphan is not something that is desirable. No matter how many times we might choose to watch Batman or Superman films, two of the most popular super heroes in the world, we know that these are not real people. As an orphan, you are very unlikely to discover that your parents were billionaires who can pay for everything, nor are you to discover that are from an extinct alien race from another planet. While fun to entertain, these ideas are no more than entertaining ideas. Orphans are among those most in need of financial support. They have no family to help them. They also faced very limited opportunities, and were more likely to have less developed social skills due to their position. As a result, obtaining these scholarships will be hard in the first place. Fortunately, there are several scholarships in place to help those who have been unfortunate enough to have become orphaned.

Two scholarships are offered by the Kalamazoo County Foundation in the United States. The first is the Kreager Family Scholarship for Orphans. This is for a graduating high school senior with a value of USD 2,500. This must be fore applicants who ar about to enter university for either vocational or technical training. The other on offer is the Montague Myers Scholarship. This has a minimum amount of USD 500, and are also for graduating high school students.

Next up is probably the largest foundation for orphans in North America. This is the Orphan Foundation of America Scholarship Programme. This organisation, in conjunction with the Casey Family Scholars Programme awards USD 1.5 million in scholarship funds each year to colleges universities, and training programmes across the United States of America. Like a great many scholarships, it depends on both merit and need.

Next up is potentially the saddest, but certainly the rarest, given how relatively peaceful our days are. This is the Ohio War Orphans Scholarship. It grants tuition assistance to veterans from Ohio who may not only have passed away during service, but also those of whom who have since become severely disabled It helps those studying at associate’s of Bachelor’s degree at participating Ohio colleges and universities.

These examples are good illustrations of what is available. Some are nation-wide, others are specific to an individual county. This is encouraging because orphans are not restricted to specific parts of the world, but appear in all societies.


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