Is there Really a Scholarship for Everything?

If you go through the websites of various educational institutions, you might be led to think tat there truly is a scholarship for everything, and that they are therefore easy money. This is only half true. There are indeed scholarships for virtually anything that you can think of. They are not, however, easy money. This is because a lot of the ones that involve factors out of our control such as being an orphan, widow, or coming from a poor country or background are not usually situations in which we would want to find ourselves. The extra cash is therefore little more than some sort of minor compensation. The rest involve a lot of hard work. These include entering competitions and all sorts of other screening processes. That said, some of the scholarships listed are, quite frankly, easy to obtain and perhaps even to be considered silly.

Jif Most Creative Sandwich Contest

Jif is a brand of peanut butter. They request that you make an original sandwich. Fun, easy, and delicious.

Western Golf Association Evans Scholars Foundation Scholarships

These scholarships are for those who might have watched Caddy Shack a few too many times. It if for those budding golf caddies.

Gertrude J. Deppen Scholarship Fund

This one is for your friends who are not very fun. It is for those who do not habitually use tobacco, alcohol, narcotics, or get involved in sports.

American Fire Sprinkler Association Scholarship Program

A student needs to be passionate in fire sprinklers and write an essay on them. This is something truly bizarre, yes.

Northern Tier Hardwood Association Community Forests Scholarship

This is for those wanting to enter that ever-popular field, which is the wood industry.

Annual Create-A-Greeting-Card USD 10,000 Scholarship Contest

This one is also very hard to believe.

We could go on for days, but I believe that you now get the picture. Some of the scholarships around are bordering on the absurd. This means that if you have an idea, and are good at it, then you will probably find a scholarship which fits it. This is good news for everybody, and actually reflects how life as a whole. This is because of the myriad in different ways that people make money. While a university education is not essential for all, it helps for a lot of things in general. Knowing this, go out and follow your passion and do it as best as you can.


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