Monthly Archive: July 2016

Scholarships in Finland

Finland is not a country on many people’s map. It is clear why this is the case. As a country, it is relatively isolated, being located deep at the far end of the Baltic Sea, in isolation, even farther north of St. Petersburg in Russia. Not only this, but it is cold, and expensive. On the other hand its incredible nature, through its lakes, forests, and fishing. Not only this, but Finland charges no tuition fees, although living costs must be covered independently. Thankfully, there are plenty of scholarships and grants available. Before anything else, you need to be aware of the costs that you will bear. The government requires that the minimum at your disposal be EUR 560 a month, or EUR 6,720 a year, excluding travel costs and insurance. This means reserving around EUR 700 to 900 every…
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Scholarships in Norway

Norway is a great place to live. Although it is one of the world’s leading oil producers, its incentive programmes make electric cars the most popular among fuel types in the country. Norway is known for much more than its oil, though. It has fish, some of the world’s most dramatic landscapes in the of its legendary Fjords, and mysterious giants in its northern regions. Fortunately, many scholarship options are available in Norway, to help those cope in one of the world’s most expensive countries. The first to consider is the Norwegian Quota Scholarship Scheme. This scholarship scheme is provided by the Norwegian government for students from select countries in Southern countries on Central and Eastern Europe, and Central Asia under the quota scheme. Its main goal is to help participating students return to their home country and contribute to…
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International Student Scholarships with ASSE

International study is something that many aspire to. There is prestige attached to it after all. It does also allow one to develop as a person in ways. We do notice that people who have spent extensive amounts of time outside of their home country do develop in a unique way. Their horizons are expended and have a better understanding of different cultures. This is why the American Scandinavian Student Exchange (ASSE). It initially started in 1976 as an orgnisation for student exchange programmes between Sweden and the United States. Norway, Denmark, and Finland quickly followed suit. It has since grown to include over 34 countries in North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australasia. It specialised mainly in hlping high school students. As part of their full package, the ASSE grants the possibility to apply for some…
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Scholarships for Musicians

Becoming a musician is something that many of us have dreamt of. We are often restricted in pursuing this dream, however. There are the social pressures based on the fact that the world only has limited capacity in terms of pop stars. There are also the more real financial pressures. Given that it is largely vocational, career prospects are rather limited outside of education. I hope to lay these and other concerns to rest by pointing out some leading music scholarships which will assure a certain level of financial independence, as well as give you the required tools to become a successful muscian. We will first look at the Eton College Music Awards. Although Eton College is indeed the most exclusive school in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and perhaps the world, the fact that the…
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Some of the Largest, and Perhaps Easiest Scholarships to Get

Scholarship scan sometimes be notoriously hard to get. Many of us do need them. Others among us do not need them, but still would face difficulty without them such as having to work on top of our studies or even having to cut back on many luxuries, and perhaps even essentials. There is a final group of us who would not struggle either way. For those of us in the first two groups, this article is very important. So, let’s have a look at some of the largest scholarships around. They will be some of the easiest to obtain for a simple reason, there are more individual scholarships available as a result. The first to look at is the NCAA scholarship. The NCAA is the National Collegiate Athletic Association of the United States. It grant some of the most well-known…
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