Monthly Archive: July 2016

What Will be the Impact of the Brexit on Scholarships

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland have voted to leave the European Union. What will happen next is anybody’s guess. Some believe that nothing will happen. Others think that it will leave completely stripped of any trade agreement with its old partner countries. Further are speculating everything in between including the total dissolution of the UK and some new deal with the EU. The reality is that we do not know. This is precisely why you need to be aware of what could happen in each possible scenario, so that you are well-prepared. The immediate impact of any secession of the UK from the EU will be negative for scholarship and grant funding. This is quite simple. How negative, is unknown. The scale of the eventual recovery is impossible to estimate. What you need to understand right…
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What Will Happen to Scholarships and Grants in the UK in Light of the Brexit

Anybody following the news will have noticed that the European landscape could change dramatically. With the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland potentially leaving the European Union, study in the former is suddenly a lot less attractive. There are many reasons for this. They include a reduction in funding from the EU given that they will no longer have a share of their budget. The quality of teaching is also likely to lower as it becomes harder to employ staff from other countries. This is particularly important, given the international nature of education and research these days. The more apparent change as a result of an eventual leaving of the EU of the UK will be the fact that the reality that a student from the EU will no longer be able to study there as a part…
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