Scholarships for Chileans at the University of Queensland

When we think of Chile and Australia, to find commonalities is not the easiest thing to do. There are some links. For instance, both are capitalist economies. Both are highly developed. Something that it quite particular to both, however is their heavy dependence on natural resources. More specifically it is the fact that they are both extractors of minerals from the ground. While there are more details to bee borne on these, Australia is a chief producer of iron, and Chile a producer of copper. They also share a common ocean. This is the Pacific Ocean. That does not mean that they are close geographically, however. They are also getting farther and farther away from one another because of tectonic plate movement. This does not stop the two nations from getting closer to one another in academic terms. This is why the CONICYT Becas Chile was established at the University of Queensland.

The CONICYT Becas Chile seeks to help both future and current students from Chile study at the University of Queensland, but also other universities. It is awarded to both Chilean citizens, as well as those other nationalities who presently have permanent residence in Chile. Like a lot of other international scholarships, it is aimed at postgraduate courses. Those may be either coursework or research. Those who obtain the scholarships are expected to either start or continue their studies which will lead to either a master’s of PhD degree at leading institutions of higher education outside of Chile.

The scholarships have a simple goal. This goal is to prepare students to study in any country other than Chile in all and any academic subject. When the students return to Chile, they are expected to use their new knowledge to contribute to the development of the country is economic, social, cultural, academic, and scientific terms. The scholarship depends on merit and work experience, as well as demonstrable academic achievement. Among the requirements are that the student has shown improvement in their level of English, the financial backing to cover tuition fees, and a Masters degree if they choose to study for a PhD. The scholarship itself will cover the full cost of tuition over the full duration of the programme.

As you can see, the requirements are quite simple, and benefits generous. Given this fact, all Chileans should be expected to apply for the scholarship.


  1. am a student of electrical with a certificate level and i need to get a bachelor of degree or masters of degree and i have no money to make my dreams true i need your help please….

  2. Comment…am a student in the college of education Jasikan, Volta region. am in level 200 and am seeking for money to further my education successfully. thanks in advance

  3. I am student graduated from secondary school this year and I have earned secondary school certificate I am seeking scholarship to continue my education Thanks in advance

  4. Good afternoon sir,
    I would like to say that I’m a university student, being as a 2nd year student in law field I’m suffering to buy books& all for my that I expect a small amount of scholarship for the shake of my studies. If you could do this service, it will make me as a obligated to you.

  5. I am student graduated in first degree I need to get master please don’t have amoney please eccept my request .thanks

  6. Comment…I am a Nigerian with o level result….I need a scholarship for university please to study abroad.

  7. I am a second year student at the Central University of Technology. I am currently studying Somatology I need financial help to continue with my studies. Thank you.

  8. Am also in need of getting a busary of learning criminology abroad due to my families background pliz help

  9. Comment…l am from a single parent family, currently doing my A Levels. I an in a desperate need of a scholarship to make my dreams come true.

  10. I have completed High school and want to further at Shoreline College but I don’t have the money please I need your help.Thank you.

  11. I’m in Ghana and I need scholarship to enter into the university even though my grades are average I really need this scholarship

  12. I am a student who want to enter into the nursing college and don’t have any money to start with please how me out to make my dreams possible thank u very much and may God bless you

  13. I am first degree graduate in Bsc.( Water and sanitation) and I need scholarship to do masters

  14. Comment…I am currently a 3rd year student undertaking BASS major in social work.I would realy love to continue with my studies and advance to masters but am having financial constrains.Kindly consider my application. Regards jeria

  15. I’m a Nigeria, and I just completed my senior secondary school exams this year.I need a scholarship to further my education abroad. Pls consider my application. Thanks

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