Scholarship Opportunities at Tel Aviv University

Tel Aviv is a very well known institution. In spite of not being nearly as old as those others which are found very high up in the international rankings, it has developed an incredible international reputation and attracts students from all over the world. Not only this, but Tel Aviv is also one of the most liveable cities in the world with a very high standard of living, Mediterranean climate, and proximity to major world centers, being a maximum of only a three-hour flight from anywhere in Europe. As a result, Tel Aviv University has developed some internal and external scholarship opportunities for students from certain regions of the world.

These regions, for the internal scholarships are Australia, Brazil, Central and South America, India, and Canada. External scholarships are available to students from a wider range of countries. Students from Australia may apply fr the Victoria Area Scholarship. This was developed by the Friends of Tel Aviv University in Victoria. They created a fund from students from Victoria, a region of Australia, to study at Tel Aviv University. This is available to an programme taught in English at the university. They include such programs as and Academic Gap Year, Study Abroad Programmes (from a mere summer of semester to a whole year), to full degree programmes including Bachelors and Masters. There is a focus on certain programmes such as Conflict Resolution, and Middle Eastern Studies. Brazilian students are supported by another group of “friends”. This is the Brazilian Friends of Tel Aviv University whichs et up the Brazil TAU Scholarship Fund. This grant is only for undergraduate degree programmes, which covers tuition fees. Central and South American students have access to the Peisach Scholarship Fund. This fund is for international programmes, for even postgraduate study. Indian students are supported by one of the country’s most famous and largest companies. This is TATA. The TATA foundation seeks to help Indian students study in Israel for any single one of the international programmes available. Canadians have access to their own category of scholarships, but this goes beyond the scope of this article.

We can also consider the external scholarships. While I will not go into the specifics of each one, I will enumerate some of them. They include the well-known Fullbright Grants for American Exchange Students, the Benjamin A Gilman Scholarship Programme, and the MASA Scholarship which can be read about in a separate article.


  1. Hi, I’m maijida from Nigeria, I’m I eligible for any of the scholarships? Nd how do I go about it

  2. Good day
    I’am jeson bantilan from philipines
    and im willing to get the scholarship
    for my course in BS Marine Transportation.
    and i hope to take the scholarship.

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