Scholarships and Grants at the University of Haifa

When people think of going to Israel, only two destinations are on the map of most visitors. These are Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. People usually visit the two for completely different reasons. Jerusalem is a place of religious pilgrimage for most, and Tel Aviv is a place to party for most. The same applies for studying. Either one considers going to Tel Aviv University or the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In terms of visit, on emight go to the Dead Sea, the Negev, or Massada. Haifa is not usually on the map, in spite of being the country’s third city. One might think of visiting the Bahai Gardens gardens is they consider visiting the city at all. Haifa is also home to the University of Haifa which is a world-leading higher education institution. As a result, and in order to attract more and more international students, it offers 13 scholarship programs, as well as other financial ad opportunities. We will only go over a few of them. I will list them all anyway, and any which are not covered in the article can be researched separately. The scholarships are as follows:

Presidential Merit Scholarship
MASA Scholarship Programme
University of Haifa Need Based Scholarship
Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs
American Zionist Movement Helyn B. Reich Scholarship
American Jewish League for Israel
Azrieli Institute for Israeli Studies
Bernice and Gordon Brown Scholarship
Boston Combined Jewish Philantropies
Danish-Israeli Study Foundation in Memory of Josef and Regine Nachemson
Rothschild Foundation Scholarship
US Federal Financial Aid

The Presidential Merit Scholarship has nothing to do with the president of Israel, but the president of the University of Haifa. Eligibility requires a minimum equivalent grade point average of 3.7. Not only this, but the Presidential Scholars Programme requires a one page statement explaining how studying at the university will result in the student becoming a future leader in their chosen field.It is only for those studying for a full semester or year, not summer programmes. Scholars will be expected to serve in the volunteer programme while being an ambassador. This involves representing the institution in Israel programme fairs, visiting Hebrew classes, as well as other relevant campus groups while being a contact point for potential applicants.

The MASA scholarship was covered in a separate article. It also involves an intensive ulpan programme. It is also restricted to a select list of masters programmes, should the student opt for postgraduate study.


  1. hello my name is Ishimwe Marie Paul ,I did diploma in aeronautical engineering avionics option and I want to continue in piloting but I can’t get the funds !that’s the reason why I am looking for scholarship to my piloting study .
    thank you I appreciate

  2. Please I want to study Medicine but I’m poor and can’t fund my education wwithout a scholarship I reeally need your help. I’m academically sound in English, Mathematics, Physics , Biology and Chemistry but no money to step Forward,I really want this Scholarship and I pray my request would be granted favourably. I look Forward to hearing from you. Thanks and God Bless

  3. I want free scholarship from outside of my birth country.Currently am Bachelor of Science(BSC.) holder by physics.So I want go some step from my current academic rank but this will be fine if you help me.Am economically weak and poor to achieve my masters degree.Totaly I can’t sponsor myself,so I hope that you really help and my dream will be going on the right!!!

  4. Hie I’m a mechatronics student currently ..and I have a great passion towards this program without the help of monetary funds and a schoolarship I don’t think I can make it that far ..really need your help to finish my degree . Thank you

  5. I want to study medicine but i cant fund my education by myself i was hoping to get assistance in funding my studies.i pray that my request to get the opportunity to brighten my future will be accepted.thank you

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