Scholarships from the British Council for Study in Mexico

Mexico is a very popular tourist destination. One does not really consider it for study abroad. That said, it does have some very good universities, as is the perfect place to study such subjects as Central American history, or colonial history. As a result, the British Council has created several scholarship programmes for those either seeking to, or are studying in Mexico. Not only this, but seeing as many people who study abroad often end up staying in their host country, those looking to leave the UK in light of the Brexit might be interested in going to Mexico.

The scholarships are normally open only to postgraduate students. This means thatthey are aimed at those who are pursuing either a masters of doctorate degree, or those conducting research at either the graduate or post-doctoral level. This can be either for a semester or a full year. The British Council has managed to create these programmes in conjunction with the Mexican Agency for International Development, or AMEXCID.

The support is very generous. The monthly stipend is four times the minimum wage level in Mexico City, which is nearly USD 600. This is for those programmes which are undergraduate mobility scholaships, specialisations, masters degrees or research, and Spanish language and Mexican culture courses. Then one may receive five times the minimum wage level in Mexico City valued are around USD 700 for doctoral studies and research, as well as various post-doctoral fellowships and sub specialisations. Registration and tuition is also covered. Health insurance is also provided. Not only this, but airfares and transportation to the host institution are also provided. A scholar must apply for their visa themselves, however.

Some might be put off going to Mexico for several reasons. The main cause for concern for potential students is the ongoing conflict in the country related to gang and drug problems in the country. Several things must be considered when thinking about this. The first is the reality that one only gets in trouble in these terms because they are already involved in drug or gang activity. The second is that most of the issues are limited to those regions which border the United States of America. With that aside, it is a very good idea to consider going to Mexico to study. At least the weather will be more pleasant than in the UK.


  1. Comment…i am a kenyan citizen currently in high school.please i would love to secure a scholarship with you after my high school.

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  3. I am a Kenyan citizen. I did my KCSE in 2012 and attained a B- of 59 points. I have been trying by all means proceed with my studies but my efforts are always rendered futile. l had been ambitious to pursue a mechanical engineering course in one of the public institutions in Kenya, please help me.

  4. i am a pakistan citizen and went study in canda for program mba plz give me scalarship for best future building

  5. I’m Aminu Muhammad bawa I’m citizen in Nigeria I’m really need help for scholarship please help me get scholarship I want to study mechanical engineering or Architecture in abroad please help me be a educated.

  6. Comment…I am a student in Rwanda I kindly ask you a scholarship in business and management. Thank you.

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