Scholarships and Grants in Brazil

Brazil… when we were entertaining blue…

Those are the opening lyrics of what might be the most well known song about Brazil. The song is also called Brazil. The song, like the film of the same name is very much about escape. You might seek to study in Brazil for that very same reason. Fortunately, there are many opportunities for grant and scholarship funding from various organisations. One of the main ones is known as the IBRASIL Project, which has the tag line “Innovative and Inclusive Brazil”. It also works in conjunction with the famous ERASMUS Mundus project. There are certain minimum requirements, however. These are defined in terms of nationality, and the chosen course type.

European students must belong to one of the eligible European countries. They must also have sufficient knowledge of the language of the course of the language spoken in the host country, and finally have completed at least one year of study at a university of higher education institution. Students from Brazil must be nationals of the country. As well as this, they cannot have done more thn 12 months of work or study at any of the eligible European countries in the previous five years, not have taken part in an ERASMUS Mundus programme of a imilar type, completed one year of university or higher education study, and have satisfactory knowledge of the laguage of the courses or the host country.

In terms of the chosen course type, undergraduate students must have completed as least one year of undergraduate study. Doctoral students must be presently enrolled at a Brazilian or European institution. Post doctoral students must have completed their doctorate within the previous two years. Finally, academic or administrative staff must work full time in any one of the partner universities.

There are also three target groups. The first target group is for European or Brazilian students who have completed at least one year of study at home. The second target group is for those European or Brazilian students who have obtained a university degree or equivalent from a higher education institution or university from a participating country. Finally, the third group is those Brazilian nationals who have either a refugee statues, have proven that they have justifiably expelled from university due to their gender ethnicity religion political affiliation or sexual orientation, and finally belong to an indigenous population targeted by a specific national policy or defined as an internally displaced person.


  1. am happy to join this network and i have faith that my opportunity for master’s scholarship is now open

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