Study Scholarships in Belize

Belize is one of the smaller and less populous countries in Central America and the Caribbean. Most of us do not know much about the country aside from through what might be the infamy that it obtained when the inventor of McAfee antivirus John McAfee went there and subsequently returned to the United States of America following thoughts that he was being pursued by the local government. Aside from this, is is also home to beaches, Mayan ruins, and offers easy access to Mexico, Guatemala, as well as the many Caribbean islands. In spite of its small population and geographical size, it has great diversity in terms of culture, history, people, and natural beauty. Luckily, then, that it offers a some study opportunities.

Due to its situation, certain courses are best to be studied there. These include sustainable development, general studies, tourism, African American studies, and economic development. These are mainly aimed at helping Belize become much more modern in terms of its economic structure and culture. Thankfully, there are several exchange programmes and scholarships available.

The first scholarship to look at in from the University of Vermont. The University of Vermont offers help for two distinct programmes. There are Women’s Health and Spirituality, and Sustainable Development. Up to USD 1,000 is offered to support the cost or learning. The next is on offer by the University of Houston. International Education Fee scholarships are given to students are any level. On top of that, the Houston Junior Chamber of Commerce Scholarships are also available. The third and final on offer which will be looked at is the set of scholarships on offer by Michigan State University. Michigan State University’s College of Agriculture and Natural Resources offers scholarships with a maximal value of USD 1,750 in courses focused around the environment and development. It also offers even more help through the Kellogg Foundation.

There are also scholarships for students from Belize itself. One organization which helps nationals of the country is the Organization of American States, based in Washington D.C.. It helps students at the graduate or undergraduate level from its 35 member states. This includes Belize, but if you are reading this, and are from any one of these states, it would be a very good idea to see what they have to offer for your country. The scholarships are generally for a period of 12 months, but may be extended for longer.


  1. My name is abdirashid i finished first degree
    I lean public adminstration and leadership
    I don`t have a job
    I want to lean post graduate
    So i want to help you a scholarship master degree
    I look forward to hearing for you

  2. comment I am Tanzanian, requesting the scholarship/fellowship, of attaining any masters program me or PHD in epidimiology

  3. Comment…I am a Kenyan.I am in need of of the scholarship.I would be pleased if I get one.thanks in advance

  4. am a Ghanaian who have completed senior high school and want to study on a scholarship.looking forward for this opportunity.

  5. Am hadush from ethiopia if it is possible, i have dream to get your scholarship with full polite. I have advanced diploma by serveying technology and i have licens in aircartt mechanic model boieng 737 -200 up to ( 800 ) from ethiopian avation acadamy.

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