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Scholarships for Musicians

Becoming a musician is something that many of us have dreamt of. We are often restricted in pursuing this dream, however. There are the social pressures based on the fact that the world only has limited capacity in terms of pop stars. There are also the more real financial pressures. Given that it is largely vocational, career prospects are rather limited outside of education. I hope to lay these and other concerns to rest by pointing out some leading music scholarships which will assure a certain level of financial independence, as well as give you the required tools to become a successful muscian. We will first look at the Eton College Music Awards. Although Eton College is indeed the most exclusive school in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and perhaps the world, the fact that the…
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Some of the Largest, and Perhaps Easiest Scholarships to Get

Scholarship scan sometimes be notoriously hard to get. Many of us do need them. Others among us do not need them, but still would face difficulty without them such as having to work on top of our studies or even having to cut back on many luxuries, and perhaps even essentials. There is a final group of us who would not struggle either way. For those of us in the first two groups, this article is very important. So, let’s have a look at some of the largest scholarships around. They will be some of the easiest to obtain for a simple reason, there are more individual scholarships available as a result. The first to look at is the NCAA scholarship. The NCAA is the National Collegiate Athletic Association of the United States. It grant some of the most well-known…
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International Scholarships in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is known for many things these days. Actually, it is known for one thing mainly, beyond dykes and chips or fries drenched in mayonnaise. This is cannabis. The country has in recent years moved away from this reputation. To be quite honest, it is understandable. The Netherlands is also home to some of the highest quality higher education teaching in the world. It is also very safe, has a high standard of living, and some of the best infrastructure in the world. This is precisely why you should consider studying there. The first scholarship that you will want to examine is the Amsterdam Merit Scholarship. This is for the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands’ capital and most famous city, Amsterdam. It is either for Bachelor’s degree level of Master’s degree level. It is open to certain fields…
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International Scholarships in Belgium

Belgium is the heart of Europe, not necessarily geographically, but certainly politically and culturally. Home to the European Commission, being the hinterland between Europe’s three greatest powers, the UK, France, and Germany, it is literally the centre of Europe, or at least Western Europe. Belgium is also very divided, surprisingly enough, between Wallonia and Flanders which are the French-speaking and Flemish-speaking regions of the country. This is also reflected in the universities. Many will have both a French and Flemish equivalent. This is very important to know. For example KUL and UCL both translate in English to the Catholic University of Leuven, but they are two very distinct institutions. KUL, the Flemish-speaking institution has a must more well-recognised reputation than UCL. Despite these internal divisions, the country still has a very international view on the world. This is what makes…
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Scholarship Opportunities in France

France is the world’s most popular tourist destination by far for many very good reasons. It has something to offer everyone. Hiking, skiing, surfing, and many other sports are available thanks to its diverse geography. The food is fantastic. It’s history is remarkable and significant. The culture has been so greatly romanticised because it is indeed truly something very special. France is also home to some of the best value world-class universities in the world. It is also one of the most expensive countries in the world. You will certainly want to be able to appreciate what the nation has to offer while you study as well. This is why you should consider the various scholarships open to you in France. We will first have a look at the Fondation Rainbow Bridge Scholarship available for women from Asian or African…
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